Services Offered

Dog walking 

A minimum of 30 minutes (this includes pick up and drop off)

Will walk dogs on their own on leads at all times

Walk dogs from the same family on leads at all times

Home visits

I will feed, play and cuddle puppies and kittens for a minimum of 30 minutes

I can visit your cat/s to spend time with and provide food, fresh water, clean the litter tray daily (number of times to be agreed)

I will feed your fish daily

Visit your homes to check that your rodent pets e.g. hamsters, gerbils plus guinea pigs, rabbits, birds have plenty of food, fresh water and a clean home cage

Boarding pets

Small animals

Reptiles, snakes, arachnids

A collection and take home service is available upon request

Extra Services

Help owners by taking pet and owner to their vet for routine appointments

Primary Areas Covered

West Wickham, Balsham, Linton, Western Colville, West Wratting, Horseheath, Withersfield, Hildersham and Haverhill.

Secondary Areas Covered

I can walk your dogs, provide visits and board animals outside of the primary areas

Please contact me if you are located close to the primary areas covered e.g. Saffron Walden as I may be able to provide a service to you as well.

Everyone looks after their pets differently including my family,  and it is important that the same care and attention is provided at all times.  Dogs will be given treats on walks to make their time with me happy.

When the ground is icy I will still visit your home but may be unable to walk your dogs as normal but will ensure they can go to the toilet and I will stay with them for our scheduled time.

Please can you provide a towel for your dogs to dry them and wipe muddy paws after their walks.

As part of my  home visit service please can you ensure that plenty of food, cage cleaning materials and components are available for the duration of my visits.

My normal working hours are between 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday but other days and times can be negotiated along with costs.

Pricing details

Walking is a great form of exercise for dogs,  and sociable dogs will be walked in parks to meet and greet others if there is one locally to your home.

Home visits allows animals to remain in their personal environments and can be less stressful than placing them in an alternative environment e.g. kennels

Boarding animals within a home environment where there is contact with people on an individual basis will ensure your pets remain happy when you cannot be with them.

Dog walking

ServiceCost including pick up
and drop off
Single dog walk 1 hour£20
Family dog walk 1 hour£20 for one dog  with £5 for
 each additional dog 
Single dog walk 30 minutes £12                                               
Family dog walk 30 minutes £12 for one dog with £5 for
each additional dog
Bespoke service is also 
available and pricing will 
be agreed
To be agreed

Home visits

Provide food and fresh water to cats (per visit)£10 
Play time and feeding puppies and kittens 30 minutes (per visit) £12
Provide food and fresh water to birds and feed fish (per visit)£10 
Providing a clean environment by cleaning cage, the cost to be agreedTo be agreed


Service Cost
Please contact me if you pet isn't listed below
for discussion.
To be agreed
Rodents e.g. rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and birds. £5 per night
Snakes, reptiles & arachnids £5 per night
Rabbits and guinea pigs £10 per night