Quality Dog Walking & Pet Care Service 

 Over 30 years of expertise focused around animal health and welfare


I am a small business that aims to provide the local community with all their pet care needs.  

I offer personalised care services for your pets which can include walking your dogs, visiting your pets, feeding, providing company and Vet visits if necessary when you find this difficult to do.  

Some animals do not thrive in a kennel environment and would prefer to remain in their home instead.  My aim is to provide you with a service to make this possible.

Home visits can be provided to spend time with your pets, also to feed,  give fresh water and ensure a clean environment to them whilst you are away from home.

I can board your small  pets in my home whist you are away. This is a bespoke service and can include pick up and drop off outside my primary area.

I am a newly established business with many years of caring for animals.  I have kept many different species of pets throughout my life and I am passionate regarding their care and welfare.  Although highly unlikely  I would like to have your veterinary clinic details to allow me to take your animals on your behalf during your absence if they become sick or injured. This will  only be done after a chat with you unless we aren't able to speak within a reasonable time frame.

I welcome all of my customers to my home to meet with me, my family and pets as you trust me to look after your pets in your homes.